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The ongoing discussions related to the collective actions taken to protect people for getting sick encouraged them to avoid large groups or even consider (self)isolation.

Hypermedia evaluated the impact of the latest approaches towards human interactions and decided to offer the community a free video-collaboration tool, HyperTalk. As we discussed in a previous article, HyperTalk represents a solution developed to make communication easier anytime, anywhere. It provides remote assistance for face-to-face discussions over HD audio/video right from your browser, without the need of any software.

As education and health represent two strong pillars of our society, we believe this solution will help the community to easily adapt to any restrictive context. Schools are closing and people are trying more and more to avoid going in crowded spaces, especially hospitals or educational institutions.

A sustainable society recovers quickly by adapting the right methods.

How can HyperTalk Education help public schools?

Nowadays, digitalization plays a very specific role both in education and the healthcare system. With HyperTalk Education teachers can organize their activities in the online environment (through the virtual classroom). The learning process goes on, as students and teachers can meet where they are, not where the classroom is.

HyperTalk Education can be used both for K12 programme and for universities and brings a set of benefits that increases teachers and student’s productivity:

  • Value-added educational content, delivered in an interactive manner
  • Hands-on activities that reduce retention time
  • Multimedia learning objects
  • Hybrid classroom
  • Virtual library
  • Online assessment components
  • Virtual labs and PBL instruments
  • Faster delivery of classes
  • Time-saving
  • Teachers can reach all the categories of students: hard-to-reach students, excluded, with health issues, with poor attendance or special needs.

Technology as presented here it is not created to eliminate teachers, but to help them adapt to any context and keep the learning process ongoing.

How can public hospitals benefit from HyperTalk?


HyperTalk offers a more comfortable approach to seeking healthcare; it reimagines the patient’s visit to the doctor by eliminating the travel part. This video-collaboration tool can be deployed across various specialties from primary care to cardiology, orthopedics, allergy & immunology, dermatology, psychology, emergency medicine, and many others. With a click distance, the patient can have the benefit of a first screening and the doctor can reach him on-demand. HyperTalk can be of real help in public hospitals as it brings a series of advantages:

  • Quick reaction and solution to any issue on the first call
  • Customized protocols (guidelines that target specific situations of the patient’s health issues)
  • Efficient call handling, faster processing
  • Access to the patient’s history and reports
  • Increased access to healthcare
  • Enhances traditional face-to-face medicine
  • Better management of the clinical process
  • Live assistance
  • Transparency on doctor’s activity (number of calls taken, duration, etc)
  • Reduces the number of hospital visits.

How can you access it?

HyperTalk can be easily and quickly adopted by public schools and hospitals. The video-collaboration framework is provided on cloud (the website www.hypertalk.net) and it works on any device (both Android and iOS).

Adapting HyperTalk to Romanian healthcare and education comes with the perks of productivity and keeping human interactions real, at the safe background of anyone’s convenience.

More information on how to freely use HyperTalk in public schools and hospitals at the email address contact@hpm.ro.