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April is a significant month for Hypermedia. This April holds a special place in our hearts as we celebrate 18 years of vision, innovation, and unwavering commitment. 2024 represents more than just another year; it signifies a milestone of maturity, affirming that the results we’ve achieved are not just milestones, but well-deserved triumphs.

As we reflect on this journey, we extend our sincere gratitude to all who have been part of it – our current team, ex colleagues, partners, clients, families, and friends. Each has played a vital role in shaping our trajectory:

  • To our families and friends, whose unconditional support has been our pillar of strength;
  • To our partners and clients, who have continuously challenged and inspired us to exceed expectations, driving us towards excellence;
  • To our ex-colleagues, who have left their mark as ambassadors of our vision, spreading our reputation far and wide;
  • And to our current team, whose unwavering -> determined/ firm dedication and professionalism across diverse projects and sectors have propelled us forward.

These 18 years are not merely a chronicle of time but a repository of memories etched in a log file. When asked about our beginnings, it takes a moment to recall the myriad projects, each with its unique challenges, client expectations, and the intrapreneurial spirit that has defined our journey.

2006: A Vision Takes Flight

It all started in 2006, a year marked by bold initiatives and daring pursuits. With a vision to revolutionize marketing technology, we embarked on our maiden project, Online Video Network, whose beneficiary was an American company. The journey began with tentative steps, but soon, parallel opportunities emerged, beckoning us into diverse domains like gambling and education.


2007: Diversification and Expansion 


2007 brought a shift in focus and we had our inaugural product, HyperEDU, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Our first customized iteration finds its home within Speakshop, heralding a new era in educational technology.

From the inception of video chat with content sharing to the development of virtual classrooms for language learning, the journey has been transformative. As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves at the intersection of opportunities, spanning from the United States to South America. 

2008: Challenges and Adaptation

Despite facing challenges in accessing government funds, we continued to forge ahead. Collaborations in the educational sector gained momentum, laying the foundation for HyperEDU.

2009: A Year of Growth in E-Learning

Hypermedia embraced the growing field of e-learning with fervor. New contracts with CVSLearning and Learnviawebcam underscored our commitment to educational innovation.

2010: Ventures and Evolution

A strategic decision to exit the gambling industry paved the way for new ventures. Investments were channeled into the evolution of HyperEDU, laying the groundwork for future advancements.

2011: Expanding Horizons

The year saw a resurgence in the gambling sector with an online management solution for gambling halls. Simultaneously, foundations were laid for HyperMED, a groundbreaking telemedicine platform.

2012: More educational initiatives

Hypermedia launched into entrepreneurship with the establishment of Hypertalk Systems SRL. Despite challenges, collaborations with projects like Koobic (web meeting module for online fitness) and educational initiatives like Duke College and Rețeta Pharmacies flourished.

2013: Strategic Collaborations

Strategic collaborations with industry leaders like Hectronic AG began to take shape. Projects in the parking and refueling sector showed our versatility. We also started customizing HyperEDU within the framework of the MathTime project, aimed at enhancing mathematics education in Russia. Last but not least, we initiated the foundation for Hypercareers.com and customized the solution as part of the ShortList project managed by a British startup.

2014: A Year of Expansion

Hypermedia expanded its horizons with the launch of Petroline project and iOrtho-online.com (an online training platform dedicated to dentists).

2015: New Headquarters

A move to new headquarters generated a new chapter of growth. Collaborations with Hectronic AG continued, alongside the development of innovative projects like HecPoll and digital textbooks for secondary education. Partnerships with organizations like Aramis and Arobs Publishing House paved the way for digital textbooks in the education sector.

2016: Adapting to Change


Challenges in the parking and refueling sector spurred innovation. Projects like Cityline and customer loyalty solutions showcased our adaptability in the face of evolving market demands.


2017: Pioneering Initiatives


A landmark achievement was accessing the POC funds that allowed redevelopment of our own products (Hypercloud project). This marked a year of pioneering initiatives along with the launch of Cityline’s new version.


2018: Strategic Partnerships and Growth


Strategic partnerships with Hectronic AG and advancements in HyperEDU underscored a year of growth and evolution. The launch of Hypertalk Education paved the way for new horizons.

2019: New horizons

Collaborations with Hectronic AG flourished. Besides that, Version 2 of HyperEDU and the delivery of online mentoring solutions (Mentor UP financed by Mediafax) showcased our resilience and innovation.

2020: Rising to the Occasion

The emergence of the pandemic introduced fresh challenges and prospects. There was a surge in demand for video collaboration solutions, resulting in collaborations with companies such as Metco Global and Ozone S&T. Additionally, our team supported two important social projects: HappyMinds and Telemedicine in Apuseni.

2021: Sustaining Momentum

Continued interest in video collaboration solutions spurred growth. Strategic projects with Hectronic AG and Ozone S&T showcased our commitment to innovation and excellence.

2022: Embracing New collaborations

Collaborations with Zitec SRL and eMag highlighted a year of expansion. Ventures like E-Mobility and CertMe showcased our dedication to versatile solutions.

2023: Continued Growth and Collaboration

Our commitment to innovation and collaboration was highlighted by partnerships Ozone S&T, Aseeco and Zitec. Particularly noteworthy was our involvement with WorldVision and their educational projects for which we customized the LMS Hypertalk Education. 

2024: A Year of Maturity and Achievement

This year, as we mark 18 years of visionary leadership and innovation, we embrace a year of maturity and achievement. We are almost half way through it and we are proud to have the TeamPulse HRM solution and partnerships with Cluj IT and Smart Health Cluster on our path forward.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team, partners, clients, families, and friends for their unwavering -> consistent/ unchanging support. Together, we have turned dreams into realities, challenges into opportunities, and aspirations into achievements.

Here’s to the next chapter of innovation, collaboration, and growth!