Bring Your Ideas to Life
Bring Your Ideas to Life
Bring Your Ideas to Life
“Our mission is to help you turning
 your business into success”
Digital transformation
“You can find support at any stage
 in the development process.”
Bring value-added to your projects
Bring value-added to your projects
“Analysis, design, implementation and testing
 using cutting-edge technologies, robust development  tools and client oriented approaches.”
Forward thinking and acting
Forward thinking and acting
Forward thinking and acting
“Be a step ahead of your competitors!   Take advantage of cutting edge   HyperTalk technology”
Research and innovation
Research and innovation
Research and innovation
“There is no innovation without research   and no progress without innovation”


Who we are?

Starting as a small software company in 2006 and continuing like a Swiss-Romanian enterprise, HyperMedia kept focus on rich internet applications, video collaboration tools, multimedia interactive systems, cloud computing, big data, mobile development and web platforms.

Our Capabilities

We have the capability to make a
difference in the service value due to a
strong motivated and highly skilled team
of technical specialists integrated into a mature and well-designed global software
business framework.

Where We Deliver

Our mission is to help you turning your business into success. We bring value-added to your projects while our technical competencies are based on soft skills, flexibiIity and reliabiIity. We provide with software development, IT consulting, and managed services in all continents.

What We Deliver

You can find support at any stage in the process, our specialists being ready to help you devise the product idea, do a feasibility study for it, prepare a prototype version of the solution to simulate its behavior at a low cost, develop the application, and help deploying an effective solution.


HPM has technical expertise in the IT field, and can be a real support in the difficult job of business profitability increase, cost reduction, market positioning, and competition outrunning. In this way, the collaboration with our company enables you to focus on your core strengths, to achieve a competitive edge by better utilising your resources and to go fast on the market.

Our world-class solutions are tailored to help you achieve success in your specific market – the one that matters most to you. With us, you can develop, run, and manage software applications better, faster, at lower cost, and more reliably.

Digital Transformation

Every SME is taking into consideration a profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models. Our specialists help you fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.


In the past, IoT commonly consisted of ATMs or mobile phones. Nowadays, due to the explosion of new devices, there are billions of connected things in use worldwide – the average person owning 5.1 connected devices. With such a large platform for market growth, we sustain our clients to capitalize on niche opportunities by offering unique Internet of Things services and improving customer value.

Big Data

The IoT not only points out connecting on a global level, but also continuously collects colossal raw datasets from the immediate environment. The analysis and use of this Big Data already had a widespread impact on many industries. While the potential for data-driven business outcomes is strong, our software engineers help our partners to establish a clear adoption roadmap to ensure successful and profitable integration.

Mobile Multimedia

Mobile multimedia has been a main goal for the important players in mobile industry alike for some time but it also becomes interesting for the software companies while many components are coming together to make mobile multimedia a reality. In such a context, we sustain our customers to adopt the tremendous potential of mobile multimedia services and applications in their domains of interests: healthcare, education and training, sales and marketing, public sector, etc.


You can find support at HyperMedia at any stage in the process, our specialists being ready to help you devise the product idea,
do a feasibility study for it, prepare a prototype version of the solution to simulate its behavior at a low cost, develop the application, and help deploying an effective solution.


Our products

HyperMedia (HPM) helps businesses thrive in a world where digital media is pervasive, and where digital marketing increasingly is being held accountable for business results.

We are the leader in delivering solutions that let customers produce, distribute, and realize value from great content, whether in business, telecommunications, education, media and publishing or digital marketing.

HyperTalk is a cloud-based infrastructure that provides video collaboration services.

The web site – – is dedicated to professionals acting in different domains such as consultancy, healthcare, sales, education and training, HR, IT etc.) while HyperTalk CaaS (Collaboration as a Service) is customised for business entities, universities and colleges, as well as public institutions.

HyperTalk WebMeeting

is ideal for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses or large enterprises. It has proven to be a convenient tool in day-to-day communication that greatly enhances productivity and reduces time-to-market.

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HyperTalK Webinar

is a powerful tool in any business arsenal, as hosting own events should be a smart business development strategy in attracting new clients and sustaining business growth. Any business entity can showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services during a webinar session.

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HyperTalk HelpDesk

is an effective tool for sales, technical support or customer service. By integrating this service into the company ecosystem, the business representatives streamline the customers’ web experience with the company.

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HyperEdu & HyperTraining

It brings together the advantages of the traditional education (face to face learning) and advanced technologies and provides with interactive educational services: virtual library, blended assessment, problem- and project-based learning, virtual classroom, interactive tutorial, virtual laboratory, individual study support based on video-assisted multimedia presentation and virtual laboratory.

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“There is no innovation without research
and no progress without innovation”

Having a young personnel with a real background in research, development, and innovation area, HyperMedia developed fruitful collaborations with universities in Romania and abroad, by proactively participating in different research projects.

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A few words about our clients

HyperMedia is a software company with a strong background in E-Services area, especially Rich Internet Applictions. During the last years we developed complex web systems for customers based-in USA, UK, EU or Asia.

We want to make sure that provided services are relevant, effective and delivered in the most appropriate manner. We spend time discovering the real need before we propose a solution. This may involve meetings the customers seeing them at work as well as understanding the skills and competencies expected. We also wish to understand the issues within the business. With this knowledge we aim to engage the client. Our intervention is always relevant.

We are a Toronto based educational institution that offers a variety of classes and courses. HyperMedia designed our website, developed our online educational platform and helped us every step of a way in an effective manner. Our collaboration has been a very wonderful and we strongly recommend it to all institutions.

We are very happy to have Hypermedia as a real and reliable partner. We appreciate their professional skills and high engagement in order to satisfy our worldwide customers.

With the latest technology, Hypermedia strongly contributes to our digitization strategy in our parking and refuelling business. Web-based systems and mobile applications are state-of-the-art and have to fulfill the needs and demands of the future. Together we develop and maintain high-performing systems in order to manage and configure machines to bring all kinds of data together and to build efficient platforms for the future.


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