December 13, 2019

Due to the digital transformation movement that we experience today, new ways of communication appeared, and people have the spectacular ability to share vast amounts of data in the blink of an eye. With the aim of everything being instantaneous, HyperTalk was created as a solution for customer’s needs, enhancing the ways of delivering any message.

Build your business arsenal with this professional software that focuses on intensifying communication in various fields such as consultancy, healthcare, sales, education, training, IT, and HR. Ideal for business entities, universities, or public administration, this tool opens a world of possibilities for any job environment.

What brings new? One might wonder. Which are the pros of introducing HyperTalk in your professional life? At some point, every business experiences a phase of transition, where the old fashioned way of laboring needs to change for the company to grow. HyperTalk comes with three different tools that will boost communication. Easy to handle, user-friendly and time-saving, HyperTalk WebMeeting, HyperTalk Webinar&LiveEvents, and HyperTalk HelpDesk are the three magic collaboration tools that will make your tasks easier.

Let’s talk in detail about the advantages of HyperTalk!

  • Time saving & Adaptability to any context

In the era of video collaboration, HyperTalk gives the experience of live interaction, being ideal to future-minded individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, or large enterprises. For example, the WebMeeting tool changes the concept of traditional rigorous meetings. It offers a more creative and time-saving context despite the distance between users. Created on a set of advanced tools for multi-point HD video conferencing & IM, content sharing, video recording, and streaming BYOD, HyperTalk becomes a meeting point for global-wide geographical locations and time zone. It can be adaptable to any situation, used not only in business meetings but also for coaching, video recruiting, or diverse team collaboration.

  • Improves productivity

HyperTalk helps to build new business capabilities; it applies to various fields from IT, marketing and sales, to human management & career development, consultancy, education & training, healthcare, banking & insurance. Keep your personnel up-to-date with company news, announcements, or events by providing remote assistance at any time. Hypertalk promotes a flexible workspace, links all your employees, reaches faster a wide audience, and the production timelines are shortened, gaining extra time for other activities.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The main advantage of this tool is related to the savings it brings in a company. Your organization saves money by reducing travel expenses and logistics costs involved in producing or attending the events. Moreover, the HelpDesk tool redirects customer’s queries to the website, where all the audio/video calls are completely free. It avoids the traditional expensive phone calls and works for the economic benefits of the business.

  • Growth of customer’s number

When implementing HyperTalk in your business activities, you become easily reachable as you can plan, apply, and asses any specific learning process in real-time. The Webinar&LiveEvents tool allows specialists from various areas to create or be part of any learning activity, no matter the location. It encourages blended learning with one-to-one or multiple participants classes through advanced tools such as hybrid classware, multimedia library, assessment instruments, virtual laboratory, or serious games. Adopt this convenient, flexible experience and boost your customers’ network.

  • Solution-oriented

Because of its applicability, the interface of HyperTalk works both for Android and iOS platforms connecting its users anytime. Moreover, without any software, using just the company website, the customers can speak directly with the employees over HD audio/video. Notably, HyperTalk HelpDesk offers a 360-degree approach to customer support and service. It reduces waiting time for customer queries and delivers on-time solutions for their problems, streaming the assistance flow. The positive feedback is, undoubtedly, assured.

  • Mobility

Based on an advanced set of tools for session management, multi-point video communication, Q&A, feedback & polling, real-time statistics, and content sharing, HyperTalk allows everyone to offer in real-time and on-demand services. The advantage of using the SaaS mechanism makes the tool easily accessible by logging into your online account, where you can take the free subscription model that comes with 45 minutes of meeting/webinar/live event. However, if necessary, WebMeeting Pro and WebMeeting Business offer extended time and options, depending on your needs.

  • Brand Building

Compared with other products that exist on the market, HyperTalk comes with the advantage of White Label, a choice added for those who want to have full control over the video collaboration tool. You can make your brand easier to identify and customize your activities according to your preferences, from graphics to functional requirements.

To conclude, when equipped with HyperTalk, you access ready to use, out-of-the-box solutions. With its tools, you are better positioned to work more efficiently, to actively engage the people you’re working with and improve knowledge sharing at your workplace.

December 13, 2019
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