Where we deliver

Software developent and IT consulting

HyperMedia is a software company with a strong background in E-Services area, especially Rich Internet Applictions. We want to make sure that provided services are relevant, effective and delivered in the most appropriate manner. We spend time discovering the real needs before we propose a solution. This may involve meeting the customers and target group, seeing them at work, as well as understanding the skills and competencies expected. We also wish to understand the issues within the business. Our intervention is relevant. With this knowledge we aim to engage the customers and their possible clients.

HyperMedia works with people from all roles and positions, in many different industries. Most of the software development and consultancy projects involve participants from several nationalities and indeed different cultures. We also have a network of associates around the world to deliver the managed services and advanced products. Please see the Clients section for some of the customers we work with.

Collaboration as a Service, who can benefit

Anyone who wants to improve the way they make business decisions, work with other people, or even manage themselves! The pressures and challenges of the current business environment require everyone to be more effective at what they do, to achieve more with less. Being an expert, executive or service provider doesn’t automatically mean others will do as you suggest, so we need to be able to work and communicate more effectively!