Online tuition platform

Customer: CVSLearning, Ireland

Web conferencing, virtual classroom, online tuition, SaaS integration Platform and tool management, user management, audio/video communication, annotation tools, document and presentation sharing, session recording, session control, quick quiz, polling.

Project description: Initially the project has involved the development of two discrete modules: Live Tutorial - Student and Teacher components.

The live tutorial is a real time lesson transmitted using the internet to many users who are connected concurrently. Both teacher and student applications do not require installation of additional software.

The teacher can share and annotate a document by uploading it, allowed documents formats are: Text, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, XLS, PDF.
The teacher interacts with the document in three ways: scrolling and paging, using mouse cursor to point and marking up the document with a digital tablet pen.
Whenever the teacher makes any of the above actions the student can see those actions on the document that is displayed in his browser.

In the next phases, the tutorial session control and the end-user's reponsibilities have been pointed out, as well as session recording. After completing the third stage, the live tutorial was included in and deployed according to the Software as a Service paradigm.

Implementation technologies :

Server-side :
PHP – system management, web services, tool integration
MySQL Server – database server
Java, OpenOffice, GostScript, ImageMagik – virtual library and document management and file conversion to internal simbols (SCORM compliant)
Flash Media Server - video conferencing and shared object support

Client-side :
Adobe Flash Platform
HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS