What we provide

Software development and IT consulting

HyperMedia (HPM) is a Romanian IT company providing best-in-class outsourcing and consulting services in software development, including analysis, design, implementation and testing, using cutting-edge technologies, robust development tools and client oriented approaches.

HPM has technical expertise in the IT field, and can be a real support in the difficult job of business profitability increase, cost reduction, market positioning, and competition outrunning. In this way, the collaboration with our company enables you to focus on your core strengths, to achieve a competitive edge by better utilizing your resources and to go fast on the market.

Our world-class solutions are tailored to help you achieve success in your specific market – the one that matters most to you. Our products have been developed based on an open and extensible development suite, a choice of applications to match your requirements. With us, you can develop, run, and manage software applications better, faster, at lower cost, and more reliably.