What we deliver

Software development and IT consulting

HyperMedia is a software company with a strong background in E-Services area, especially Rich Internet Applictions. We provide best-in-class outsourcing and consulting services in software development, including analysis, design, implementation and testing, using cutting-edge technologies, robust development tools and client oriented approaches.

Our world-class solutions are tailored to help you achieve success in your specific market – the one that matters most to you. Our products have been developed based on an open and extensible development suite, a choice of applications to match your requirements. With us, you can develop, run, and manage software applications better, faster, at lower cost, and more reliably.

Managed services (Collaboration as a Service)

Anyone who wants to improve the way they make business decisions, work with other people, or even manage themselves! The pressures and challenges of the current business environment require everyone to be more effective at what they do, to achieve more with less. Being an expert, executive or service provider doesn’t automatically mean others will do as you suggest, so we need to be able to work and communicate more effectively!

HyperTalk is a reliable, stable and effective solution for virtual collaboration within research and development, outsourcing or consulting partnerships, as well as in internal projects.

HyperTalk Meeting supports internal (non)formal communication. The work within the organization means continuous interaction between departments, and the efficient communication between employees leads to fast, accurate and transparent task completion.

Webinar is an efficient mode to advert new products/services, or deliver wide classes in order to keep your employees up to date. By using HyperTalk Webinar, schedule and deliver webinar sessions becomes simple and effective. If integrating the company website and HyperTalk Webinar you should be able to create and control the own "virtual space" for online events and wide classes.