Pyramidal jackpot

Customer: Dinamic ElectroStart, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Multi-casino pyramidal jackpot, online statistics and accounting platform Casino management (location, statistics, slot machine management), jackpot management (awards, jackpot parameters, statistics); Web-based administration tools.

Project description: The Jackpot System should implement a multi-casino awarding approach and collects the data from slot machines in the (mini-)casino(s) in order to calculate the value and award the jackpot to the winner, in a real-time manner. The slot machines in a (mini-)casino are connected to a “local server” and the local servers are also connected to the “global server”. The local machine communicates to the local server via TCP/IP and the local servers invoke the services the global server provides with.

The global server consists of the management and presentation blocks. The management block provides with administration capabilities such as: casino management (room survey, add/edit/delete room, room statistics, etc), slot machine management (slot machine survey, add/edit/delete slot machine, edit slot machine parameters, etc), jackpot management (add/edit/delete award, change jackpot value and parameters, statistics, etc). It also allows notifies the technical support about technical problems, via email and SMS. The presentation block enables the administrator to build the presentation scene and delivers the media data in a compact format to all the screens in the rooms. It implements two types of displays: normal display (video playback for a confortable background and simple animation for displaying the jackpot values) and notification message (audio/video sequence that informs the players in the room about a jackpot just awarded to the room X – machine Y).

The accounting and statistics modules allow the system administrator to have a real opinion about the income and awards in (mini-)casino(s) for a well-defined period of time: daily/weekly/monthly statistics, financial analysis reports, proffit rate, awarding rate, slot-machine proffit rate, etc.

Implementation technologies :

Managemnet block

Slot machine interface : Tibbo EM1206 Controller (Ethernet support)
Local server :
Microsoft .NET – slot machine management, messaging/notification
SQL Server– database server
Global server :
Microsoft .NET – slot machine management, messaging/notification
SQL Server– database server
ASP.NET – administration console

Presentation block

Client-side :
Adobe Flash Platform – Flash, Flex
Server-side :
Flash Media Server 2.0 – shared scenes (movies, annimations)
ASP.NET – web services