E-learning platform

Customer: Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania

Learning management system, web hosting, interactive/collaborative learning Teacher and student management, problem- and project-based learning, assessment tools, self-study support.

Project description: The Department for Dinstance Learning of the Aurel Vlaicu University of Cluj-Napoca asked HyperMedia for a e-learning managed services: e-learning platform customization, web hosting, IT consulting, technical support included.

The HyperEDU learning framework has been customized according to the client's requirements: stable, reliable and scalable e-learning system that provides multi-channel access to educational services.

The educational process involves 2983 student, 62 teachers, 74 tutors, as well as the administration personnel. The e-learning platform supports 256 online courses. The virtual library stored 599 educational materiales. The teaching staff scheduled 86 online interactive tutorials, 72 webinars, and 46 tuition sessions.
Its deployment has been performed on HPMCloud infrastructure (collaborative cloud environment) and initially included four virtual machines: two allocated for web hosting, and other two for the data warehouse (virtual library).

The (a)synchronous collaborative learning tools such as course authoring tool, interactive tutorial, messaging, forum, web conferencing, online focus group, or virtual classroom, are dynamically invoked from the collaborative work environment (HyperTalk Caas).

Implementation technologies :

Server-side :
PHP – system management, web services, tool integration
MySQL Server – database server
Java, OpenOffice, GostScript, ImageMagik – virtual library and document management and file conversion to internal simbols (SCORM compliant)
Flash Media Server - video conferencing and shared object support

Client-side :
Adobe Flash Platform
HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS